Più chiaro di così si muore

Da un articolo di Amanda Cochran del 28 marzo 2014, pubblicato da CBS News e intitolato Obama calls on Putin to move troops from Ukraine border:

«Mr. Obama said Russian President Vladimir Putin has been “willing to show a deeply held grievance about what he considers to be the loss of the Soviet Union.”

“You would have thought that after a couple of decades that there’d be an awareness on the part of any Russian leader that the path forward is not to revert back to the kinds of practices that, you know, were so prevalent during the Cold War but, in fact, to move forward with further integration with the world economy and to be a responsible international citizen [il corsivo è mio].”»


Leggiamo adesso un passo dell’autobiografia di David Rockefeller:

«Global interdependence [il corsivo è mio] is not a poetic fantasy but a concrete reality that this century’s revolutions in technology, communications, and geopolitics have made irreversible. The free flow of investment capital, goods and people across borders will remain the fundamental factor in world economic growth [il corsivo è mio] and in the strengthening of democratic institutions everywhere. The United States cannot escape from its global responsibilities. Today’s world cries out for leadership, and our nation must provide it. In the twenty-first century there can be no place for isolationists: we must all be internationalists [il corsivo è mio].»

(David Rockefeller, Memoirs, Random House, 2003, pag. 406)

Insomma, il messaggio è questo:

lo Stato russo deve essere eliminato, perché l’internazionalismo deve vincere in tutto il mondo. Nel ventunesimo secolo tutti devono essere, responsabilmente, internazionalisti. Questo cambiamento deve essere guidato dagli Stati Uniti d’America. Tutto il mondo deve piegarsi alla leadership degli Stati Uniti d’America.

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