I globalisti non possono farcela contro internet

Ecco un bel titolo del glorioso Times (13 settembre 2016):

Less than half of US voters believe Clinton’s claims about her health

«Less than half of American voters believe Hillary Clinton’s explanation of the illness that led to her apparently fainting on Sunday, a poll by YouGov for The Times shows — a trust deficit that highlights the vulnerability of her presidential campaign.»


Vedi anche qui:

Latest Poll Should Shock Hillary — Here’s How Her Health Fiasco Is Shaping The Election

«According to the latest poll, conducted by YouGov in partnership with the Times of London, only 45 percent of American voters believe the Clinton campaign’s explanation for why she suffered a “medical episode” at Sunday’s 9/11 memorial service in New York.

Furthermore, 46 percent of voters don’t think Clinton has pneumonia at all and is suffering from a different, undisclosed illness, while nine percent said they didn’t know what to believe.»


Ed ecco un bel sondaggio del Washington Times (13 settembre 2016):

Poll: Is Hillary Clinton healthy enough to be president?

Yes…………………….214 (5%)

No……………………..3777 (92%)

Not sure……………..122 (3%)


A questo proposito, ecco l’intelligente considerazione di un anestesista, il Dr. Ted Noel, esposta sul sito Zero Hedge:

«Among other things, Noel points out that if Hillary actually was suffering from such a severe case of pneumonia that it forced her to literally collapse on a sidewalk, it’s extremely unlikely that she could make a seemingly full recovery after only 90 minutes at Chelsea’s apartment and feel well enough to great onlookers and snap a selfie with a child. Per Noel, Hillary’s recovery timing is more consistent with how long it would take her to ingest a dosage of Levodopa and wait for her Parkinson’s symptoms to subside.»


A leggere i media globalisti americani sembra invece che Hillary Clinton abbia solo un piccolo problema di salute, facilmente e rapidamente risolvibile.

Una cosa da nulla.

Certo, se non esistesse internet, nessuno avrebbe mai visto i video di Ground Zero, né quelli delle convulsioni di Hillary di quest’estate (nessuna rete televisiva li avrebbe mai trasmessi).

Internet, per la sua intrinseca natura, impone la democrazia ed è inutile opporsi.

Internet è più forte di tutto e di tutti.

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