L’incipiente crollo del mondialismo creerà un vuoto politico

Da chi verrà occupato questo vuoto politico?

Una domandina semplice semplice, che mi viene in mente leggendo oggi le notizie riguardanti la scellerata globalista Angela Merkel.

Vedi p.e. qui:

The beginning of the end of Angela Merkel
For all her Teflon-like invulnerability, the talks’ collapse leaves the chancellor gravely wounded.

«…In spite of all her vaunted skills at fudging issues and bribing antagonists, Merkel failed this time — a debacle that is a first in German electoral history. There is no precedent on which instant punditry could fall back. Nor has there ever been a minority government that rules by ad-hoc majorities in the parliament.

Of course, the sky is not falling, at least not yet. A well-run country like Germany, where the trains mostly run on time, can get by with a caretaker government led, as in the past 12 years, by Merkel. But for how long?…»


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