Boris Johnson ha mentito sull’avvelenamento di Sergei e Yulia Skripal

Pubblicato il 4 apr 2018 su YouTube

«”They say it was no doubt” Boris Johnson confirms that Porton Down scientists said the Novichok was from Russia despite its CEO saying the opposite.»

Vedi anche questo video di sky news (4 aprile 2018):

‘Porton Down said it was Russia’

«Boris Johnson said on 20 March that he was told by Porton Down that the source of the Salisbury nerve agent was Russia.»

e questo articolo di sky news (4 aprile 2018):

Porton Down experts unable to identify ‘precise source’ of novichok that poisoned spy
The lab’s boss says a “state actor” made the novichok and also rubbishes claims that it could have come from his facility.

«Scientists from Porton Down have not been able to establish where the novichok nerve agent used to poison Sergei and Yulia Skripal was made.

Gary Aitkenhead, chief executive of the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (DSTL) at Porton Down, told Sky News they were not yet able to prove it was made in Russia.

He said: “We were able to identify it as novichok, to identify that it was military-grade nerve agent.

“We have not identified the precise source, but we have provided the scientific info to Government who have then used a number of other sources to piece together the conclusions you have come to.”»

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