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L’élite globalista USA vuole censurare internet

30 agosto 2016

The Huffington Post ha censurato un articolo sulla salute di Hillary intitolato:

Hillary Clinton’s Health Is Superb (Aside From Seizures, Lesions, Adrenaline Pens)

Hanno licenziato l’autore, David Seaman, e cancellato il suo articolo dal sito.

Leggo su Infowars:

Huffington Post Bans Journalist For Writing About Hillary’s Health, Deletes Article

“This is spooky, to me this is extremely spooky”

Paul Joseph Watson – August 29, 2016

«The Huffington Post has sensationally censored an article pertaining to questions about Hillary Clinton’s health and banned the journalist who wrote it from posting on their website altogether.

David Seaman penned a commentary piece discussing questions surrounding Hillary’s health problems on Sunday. The story included a link to my viral video about the subject, which now has over 3.5 million views.

The post, which had been trending at number 3 on the website, was deleted within hours and Seaman’s posting rights were completely revoked.

The link now just contains an editor’s note stating, “This post is no longer available on the Huffington Post.”…

…It appears as though the main reason for the article being deleted was the fact that Seaman didn’t automatically dismiss the entire issue as a “conspiracy theory” in line with the rest of the pro-Hillary media…

…“I’ve filed hundreds of stories over the years as a journalist and I’ve never had anything like this happen….I’ve never experienced this,” remarked Seaman, adding that he was now seeking legal counsel…

…“They’re deleting and censoring commentary on her health – why is that?” asked Seaman. “Do they not want more people to watch that video on YouTube, is that what’s going on here?”»

Si può leggere il post cancellato nella cache di Google:

Si può leggere anche qui:

Questo è il video linkato al post cancellato:

David Seaman ha anche ricevuto minacce di morte:

HuffPo writer gets fired, receives DEATH THREATS, then goes off on Hillary supporters

«If you haven’t already heard, a contributor to the Huffington Post was TERMINATED for simply questioning Hillary’s health in an op-ed on Sunday night.

The liberal freaks at the Huffington Post were none-too-pleased with his stance, so they arbitrarily deleted his article and then terminated him on the spot!

Now, less than 24 hours later, he is receiving DEATH THREATS from Hillary supporters and he is scared for his life.»

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