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Come la setta dell’élite globalista vuole distruggere i popoli: aggiornamenti sulla Svezia

11 ottobre 2019

Ecco una notizia che dimostra chiaramente la volontà della setta dell’élite globalista di distruggere i popoli, come da tempo scrivo in questo blog: in Svezia la setta dell’élite globalista ha tentato di eliminare l’insegnamento scolastico della storia anteriore al Settecento.

Quindi niente Impero Svedese del Seicento, niente Medio Evo e perfino niente antichi romani e antichi greci!

Ma questa follia è fallita, almeno per il momento.

«The Swedish Board of Education has backed down from a plan to erase teaching of the country’s ancient history and replace it with “postmodernism” classes after a huge backlash.

Skolverket initially announced a plan to abolish teaching of history prior to 1700, including ancient Greece, the Swedish Great Power era in the 17th century, Rome, and the dark ages.

The classes were set to be replaced by a greater focus on “postmodernism” and the post war 20th century era.

However, the board was forced to back down after acknowledging there was “a lack of support for our suggestion.”

The original proposal was widely denounced, including by Professor of History Dick Harrison, who labeled the idea “intellectual suicide and f**king sick.”

One wonders what kind of state a country is in that it would try to abolish teaching of its own history.»

Sweden Backs Down From Abolishing Ancient History Classes After Huge Backlash

di Paul Joseph Watson

(9 ottobre 2019)

(11 ottobre 2019)

«No more Plato or Aristotle. No Rome, no more teaching of Swedish Great Power era in Swedish upper grade history classes. This is the new move from the Swedish Board of Education, which wants Swedish pupils to focus on Hitler, World War 2 and the following postmodern era in the late 20th century instead.

Recent days, the Swedish debate has focused on the social democratic next move to make the Swedish people less historically aware. Due to lack of lesson time, the Board of Education now suggests that the History subject must be radically changed.
Gender issues, climate and migration are of course included elements in the new suggested revised course plans of social sciences, which includes history.

At the upper grades 7-9, where pupils are 13-15 years old, there will no longer be any history taught dated older than the year 1700. All studying of the democratic cradle in ancient Greece, Rome, or The Swedish Great Power era (1611-1718) when Sweden ruled the countries surrounding the Baltic Sea, will be erased from history class.

“Sweden will be embarrassed”
”It’s horrible, bizarre and absurd, Dick Harrison professor of History and author outbursted when the suggestion was presented to the public previously this week.

“As a historian, who knows some about this, I am forced to react. Only the idea that the Ancients are unimportant to understand the present is bizarre and absurd.
Everything that surrounds us is a legacy from the ancient Greeks, he claimed and said that if the suggestion becomes reality, ”Swedes will be embarrassed worldwide”.

“Excuse me, but it’s so f*** sick, I find it hard to believe it. Naturally, I expect the suggestion to be withdrawn, the upset professor said.»

Swedish schools to erase ancient history from history class

(29 Settembre 2019)

«Last week, Voice of Europe could report that The Swedish Board of Education, Skolverket, planned to erase history elements older than the year 1700 from Swedish history classes. Now, after intense criticism, the Board withdrawals its plans.

“The Board of Education can observe that there is a lack of support for our suggestion and therefore, we can already now before the inquiry time has expired, establish that the Antiques will remain in the elementary school’s course plan for history, the authority states in a press release.»

After intense protests: Ancient history not removed from Swedish history classes

(9 ottobre 2019)

Questo è il mondialismo, questo è il nemico che i popoli di tutto il mondo devono combattere se vogliono sopravvivere.

P.S.: ciò riguarda anche i cinesi, chissà se l’hanno capito dopo la rivoluzione colorata (globalista) di Hong Kong (che è ancora in corso).

Cinesi, svegliatevi!

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